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 my charrie numeral uno

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PostSubject: my charrie numeral uno   Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:39 pm

1. Name:Shadeknight(rey doesnt know real neame)
2. Gender:male
3. Age:18
4. Appearance:dirty blond hair,tan skin, brown eyes
5. Creature, Human, Wizard, Confessor, Baneling... ect:human(rouge)
6. Weapon:daggers(like foruteen of them)
7. If Wizard, what type of Wizard?:
8. picture link (optional if you want a picture made for them):
9. rp example:i sigh and look around. i walk up to the castle and find some gold. i loot it quickly then leave. once outside i walk back to the forest. i hand the gold to the rouge leader and lay down to sleep.
10. History:shade has lived with the rouges since he was born. he never knew who his parents were. he was given the name because he fights and acts like a knight but loves the night. he is a very skilled knife thrower and kinfe juggeler. he is the greatest fighter with daggers out of all the rouges.
11. Extras:ehh nothin really...
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PostSubject: Re: my charrie numeral uno   Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:42 pm

okay, accepted.
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my charrie numeral uno
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