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 Aywn of the Mud People

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PostSubject: Aywn of the Mud People   Aywn of the Mud People I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 23, 2010 5:07 pm

1. Name Aywn
2. Gender female
3. Age 20
4. Appearance black hair, green eyes, tan skin.
5. Creature, Human, Wizard, Confessor, Baneling... ect human.
6. Weapon poison tipped arrows and a bow
7. If Wizard, what type of Wizard?-
8. picture link (optional if you want a picture made for them) http://www.movie-pix.com/King-Arthur-Gwen.jpg
9. rp example (Heh, Ive done this billions of times, so once you do this three times, you don't have to anymore!
10. History She was born and raised with the Mud People. Thats all you need to know!
11. Extras She's the Chief's Daughter.
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Aywn of the Mud People
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